Alteration – 6mm Keder Sail Track sewn onto a specified tarp – per centre metre


For applying to any tarp we stock without the track. A 6mm Keder Track can be sewn into the edge of any tarp to enable it to be slid into a 6.5mm diameter Caragroove aluminium Sail Track. Keder Track is a heavy duty coated polyester fabric welded to a cord of solid PVC material, resulting in a very strong, flexible and slippery track welting that slides easily and effortlessly. Price per CENTRE METRE: To have a tarp altered, put the length needed as a multiple of one centre metre e.g. for a 3.7m tarp, put 37 for the quantity. Note: This item must be applied to a tarp you order at the same time. The 6mm Keder track fits imported European vans and awnings. Allow 1 week for alterations.

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