Extra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 250gsm

White on the top side and Tree Green underneath. The white top lamination reflects the heat and on a very hot day (36 °C) its surface can be about 14% cooler than a Silver Tarp. This is an imported tarp made from extra heavy-duty Poly weave to Econotarps specifications.

The U.V. warranty is 3 years. The black base fabric resists sunlight damage which means the tarp retains its strength for years longer than standard PE tops which have a clear or transparent base fabric. The black base fabric which blocks sunlight makes it ideal for protecting items affected by UV such as fiberglass boats pools trampolines an outdoor furniture.

Solid brass eyelets every 800 mm which are closer than most other tarps on the market which are usually 900mm. They are reinforced with a patch of two layers of material allowing great tension to be applied to prevent flapping if used on vehicles or in wind prone locations. An extra strong thick black thread is used on the reinforcing patches.

Suitable for covering boats machinery caravans fly sheets over tents general shading ground sheet or a windbreak pool cover. The complete blocking of light prevents the growth of algae in pools. Also suitable for covering roofs if secured well, light courier trucks and jobs were heavier tarp is required. May be used on larger trucks providing speed is limited to around 100 km an hour but this may need to be reduced if strong headwinds are encountered. The tarp needs to be secured well to prevent flapping in strong winds which can cause deterioration of the waterproof lamination.

For more information on our tarpaulins visit our Buyers Guide.

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