Shipping Rates Australia

Postage Rates are calculated by Weight and apply Australia wide:
0 to 5.1kg - $24
5.1 to 10kg - $37
10 to 15kg - $48
15 to 25kg - $65
25 to 35kg - $85
35 to 45kg - $105
45 to 55kg - $125
55 to 65kg - $145
65 to 75kg - $165

To calculate the weight of standard tarps: Multiply the metric width by the length and multiply the result by the weight per square metre of the tarp. e.g. a 2.4 x 3m tarp = 7.2 square metres. If the weight of the tarp is 250g per square metre, the weight of the tarp is 7.2 multiplied by 0.250 = 1.8kg. For postage purposes another 0.5kg to 1.5 kg may need to be added to allow for the weight of the box used for packing.

For Rope Track Tarps: We have already calculated the shipping weight to make allowance for the extra packaging required so the above calculations are not necessary - just look for the weight at the bottom of the description.