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Instructions for Attaching Sail Track

To attach sail track to the side of a van or vehicle:

 Rivets and screws can cause leakage so Sikaflex may be a better option as it is a very reliable and secure way to attach sail track.

After cutting to length, clean up the ends of the sail track with a small round file or screwdriver to give a nice clean entry.

Apply small squares (say 10mm x 10mm) of double sided self adhesive foam tape (1.5mm thick) about every 300mm to the van side along the line where you want the sail track. Pick a line close to where the sheet is attached to the frame. Keep the end patches about 75mm from the ends of the sail track.

Then apply a bead of Sikaflex 11FC between the tape patches for the full length of the sail track.

Press the sail track onto the tape patches and squeeze the Sikaflex out. The tape will hold the sail track in position until the Sikaflex sets (allow 24 hours minimum before "testing").

To finish, clean up any excess Sikaflex immediately with clean rags and turps.

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